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La Pierre Soudée

  • Titre: La Pierre Soudée
  • Artiste: Riotmiloo & Friends
  • Label: Ant-Zen
  • Format: CD
  • Genres: Industrial, Dark Wave
  • Prix: €11,00UE (incl. 19% TVA)€9,24non UE

"'La Pierre Soudée', Riotmiloo’s first personal collaboration album, is a careful selection of past and present real life stories compiled in eleven tracks documenting women’s suffering in the world. In this release, Riotmiloo has collaborated with ten artists from diverse musical backgrounds (Eva|3, Dirk Ivens, Philipp Münch, Till Brüggemann, C-drík, Scalper, Chrysalide, ESA, Babylone Chaos and Vadi Starh.)"


1. La Pierre Soudée. With Eva|3 Featuring – Eva|3 3:40
2. A Fly As A Pet. With Dirk Ivens Featuring – Dirk Ivens 5:53
3. Monster. With Philipp Münch Featuring – Philipp Münch 5:04
4. Article 475. With Till Brüggemann Featuring – Till Brüggemann 4:10
5. Alone And Terrified. With C-drík Featuring – C-drík 4:03
6. Child Bride. With Scalper Featuring – Scalper 4:58
7. I Was Once. With Chrysalide Featuring – Chrysalide 4:00
8. Scars Beneath Veils. With ESA Featuring – ESA 5:27
9. Freedom From Fear. With Babylone Chaos Featuring – Babylone Chaos 4:12
10. Miss Landmine. With Vadi Starh Featuring – Vadi Starh 4:44
11. The Welded Stone. With Eva|3 Featuring – Eva|3 2:08