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Satan Im Sattel

  • Titre: Satan Im Sattel
  • Artiste: Fallbeil
  • Label: VIS
  • Format: 7"+Tape
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Noise, Industrial, Breakbeats, IDM, Techno
  • Prix: €15,90UE (incl. 19% TVA)€13,71non UE

"Skulking hardware cranks from Hamburg’s Fallbeil duo, cooking up 90 minutes of K-holing, atonal digital noise recursion on tape along with two slices of grot on vinyl, especially for Nina’s V I S label down by the docks in Hamburg.

After first appearing on Helena Hauff’s Return To Disorder label with Ultima Ratio in 2016, and turns for Boidae, Hafenschlamm and Mannequin in the meantime, the Fallbeil duo have made no concession to higher fidelities and remain resolutely grubby and visceral on all both sides of Satan Im Sattel.

On tape they do the drag-ya-backwards-thru-a-hedge thing, only the hedge turns out to be a labyrinthine sewer maze overgrown with briars and an echoing with the clamour of a trapped rave crew sending SOS signals via drum machines built from the bones of ravers who couldn’t hack it down there.

With the 7” they distill that unpleasant buzz in the acid jag of Sam Hawkens, packing swollen subs under clanking industrial rollers’ drums and goblin-like BM vox, while on the B-side it’s time for the stressed-out electronics of Satan Im Sattel, which sounds like a squad of alleycats imitating a ’90s squat electro sound."