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Formats spéciaux

  • Titre: Camera Lucida
  • Artistes: Evelina Domnitch + Dmitry Gelfand, Coh, Matmos, Taylor Deupree + Richard Chartier, Alva Noto, Alexander Kaline, Asmus Tietchens, Kenneth Kirschner, Carter Tutti
  • Label: Line
  • Format: DVD
  • Prix: €18,90UE (incl. 19% TVA)€15,88non UE

“LINE is proud to announce the release of its first DVD, Camera Lucida. The project by Russian/American installation and video artists, Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand …

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  • Titre: Hydrophony for Dagon
  • Artistes: Max Eastley, Michael Prime
  • Label: Absurd
  • Format: CD
  • Prix: €12,40UE (incl. 19% TVA)€10,42non UE

Recorded live at "The Four Elements", Skraep Copenhagen 1996.”

  • Titre: 23 ZOOMS
  • Artiste: Gregory Buettner
  • Label: 1000Fuessler
  • Format: DVD+CD
  • Prix: €12,80UE (incl. 19% TVA)€10,76non UE

“An audiovisual investigation into amateur photographs of unknown origin. 23 ZOOMS consists of 23 clips with a duration of 1 to 4 minutes. This piece of work is designed …

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This beautiful boxed set consists of all 7 titles of the Acousmatrix series with extra liner notes by Konrad Boehmer and a nice full color picture box. The box contains:BVHaast …

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  • Titre: Ignotum Per Ignotius
  • Artiste: The Hafler Trio
  • Label: Korm Plastics
  • Format: CD
  • Prix: €14,00UE (incl. 19% TVA)€11,76non UE

The seventh re-issue in the Hafler Trio re-issue series is Ignotum Per Ignotius."something approached, and it was embraced, thorns piercing the anonymous functions and the …

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  • Titre: Tile-O-Rama
  • Artistes: SFA, Chanson Electronique
  • Label: Knistern
  • Format: 3"DVD-R
  • Prix: €6,95UE (incl. 19% TVA)€5,84non UE

“20 animated patterns by SFA that can be repeated infinitely in the first and second dimensions, i.e. in a plane, as well as in the fourth dimension, i.e. time. The moving …

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  • Titre: Jornadas Intravenosas
  • Artiste: Curnucopia
  • Label: Eozoon
  • Format: CDR
  • Prix: €10,00UE (incl. 19% TVA)€8,40non UE
  • Titre: 2 Zbg-Tto
  • Artistes: Zbigniew Karkowski, Tito Diaz
  • Label: Eozoon
  • Format: CDR
  • Prix: €10,00UE (incl. 19% TVA)€8,40non UE
  • Titre: Errorkoerper III
  • Artiste: Michael Renkel
  • Label: Absinth
  • Format: CD
  • Prix: €15,95UE (incl. 19% TVA)€13,40non UE