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Beni Ouarain Rug

  • Title: Beni Ouarain Rug
  • Artist: Eloise Leigh
  • Label: New Age Rage
  • Format: Art Print
  • Genres: Riso, DIY, Underground, Illustration, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €10,00EU (incl. 7% VAT)€9,35non-EU

A4 21x30 cm, riso, 1 colour medium blue, signed and numbered edition of 12, comes with printed description insert.

"From a print series of 4 ink illustrations of mystic visual artifacts from the Moroccan Blue zine.

ARTIFACT XI - BENI OUARAIN RUG: Traditional protective wool rug motif from the Beni Ouarain Amazigh tribe in the northeast Atlas mountains. The minimal lines form a pattern of protective baraka diamonds that range from symmetrical to the looser, broken style depicted here.

50% of proceeds from these prints will be donated to a housing project that will help sustain the Amazigh family that inspired them."