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Fallen Gods / Cidar

  • Title: Fallen Gods / Cidar
  • Artist: Rapoon
  • Label: Staalplaat
  • Format: 2×CD
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Ambient, Drone
  • Price: €16,70EU (incl. 19% VAT)€14,03non-EU

"Recently reissued by Staalplaat as a double-CD encompassing Cidar, previously available as a DAT-only release, this 1994 release by Robin Storey (ex-:zoviet*france:) brings together his usual sound sources in a typically unique and satisfying manner. From the throaty intonations mixed with the woodwinds and repetitive rhythms on"Sanctum", to the tabla loops on"Fallen Gods", which loop in such a way that they strike you as being somewhat off at first, but your ears quickly become accustomed to this non-standard looping technique. The first disc suffers somewhat around the center (i.e. it doesn't travel anywhere new or inspiring), it quickly regains a strong momentum with the final three tracks. The first of these,"Khomat", has a note in the liner notes about there being an"additional vocal source by Khadija Lourlham", but for all my intensive listening, I cannot discern any voice within this beautiful small track whatsoever! Strange, that. I just hear the succulent plucking of strings playing in a live atmosphere.

The second disc, Cidar, sees a little bit of a shift in the Rapoon sound, but it's difficult to explain what that shift is a result of. Perhaps there is a sparseness evident in these tracks due to fewer sound sources or reverberation techniques used in the mix. Some tracks are rather mediocre:"Noord" is one example, with its choral synth waves that hum and haw and go nowhere at all. But overall, Cidar is a nice addition to the original release of Fallen Gods.

Overall, this is quite a nice package, with over two hours' worth of Rapoon's transcendental sound odysseys to keep you mysteriously entertained."