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Land Of Meta

  • Title: Land Of Meta
  • Artist: Octachoron
  • Label: De Re
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Analog Synth, Ambient, Modern Psych, Misc Eastern Europe, Misc Asia & Middle East
  • Price: €13,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€11,68non-EU

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"de re is a new Tbilisi-based label presenting some of the emergent sounds from the hidden folds of Georgia’s electronic music scene. It’s a label concerned with experimentation and borderless expression, self-distributed and focused solely on music worth the hard work.

Their first release comes from Octachoron, a duo made up of Bakur Metreveli and Sandro Kozmanishvili, who previously released the album Fadein as Soulvent back in 2014. The recordings on Land Of Meta can be considered a natural progression from that first LP, exploring ambient space through analogue synthesis, but the new project name and presentation on de re makes a fresh start for the duo.

Land Of Meta is at once an album concerned with outer space as much as the current terrestrial condition – the track titles range from Space Atlas to Magnetic Valley and Microwave Background. There wasn’t a concept in place before Metreveli and Kozmanishvili started working on the album – the eight songs were recorded over a few days in 2015, born out of improvisation and the behaviour of the machines. However, the resulting frequencies pulsing out of the array of monophonic synthesisers and FX units seem to emulate the same invisible frequencies that carry data all around us – the same waves that fill the empty void of space.

This is far from a cold, academic study of sound, however. Land Of Meta is filled with warmth and harmony, shaped by soft edged synth tones and moving in gentle but pronounced rhythmic configurations. There are many ways to approach ambient music, and Octachoron choose to inject a narrative into their composition that keeps the mind engaged as each piece unfolds. Considering their unplanned approach to recording the album, it’s testament to the musical ability of the duo as well as their affinity for their chosen hardware.

At times the music can be quite still, as on opening track Space Atlas with its undulating pad tones and dubby effect processes, while elsewhere an infectious energy guides the notes. Double Star 74 is a sprightly piece that pivots around a meandering arpeggio, all sharply rendered notes skipping alongside the constant thrum. Each piece is distinct from the previous – when many ambient projects blur into one coagulated whole, the shift in tone and approach is apparent as one track gives way to the next.

The title track has an air of 80s synthwave soundtracks, while Magnetic Valley strikes an emotional note with every key change on the strafing lead synth pattern. At times the tracks take on their own ecosystem behaviours, as on the errant movements embedded in Microwave Background. Even if the synths Octachoron use are well-worn classics, the duo have deployed their skill in sound design and composition to make an album that sounds as fresh as it does vintage."