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  • Title: Transport
  • Artist: Kollektiv/Rauschen
  • Label: Well Gedacht
  • Format: USB-STICK
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Electro-Acoustic, Industrial, Improvisation, Breakbeats, Drone, Dark Ambient, Underground Art, DIY
  • Price: €28,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€24,29non-EU

USB media in custom made steel box, limited to 40 copies.

All Tracks recorded and edited 2014/2015 at Rauschen Raum Vienna.
Final edit and mastering at Langfeld Studios (Germany) by Hohmann & Schaab.

"Kollektiv/Rauschen is an artist group whose four members have their origins in various disciplines of fine arts and music. Kollektiv/Rauschen is working on experimental sound structures/environments using methods of subtractive and additive soundsynthesis with analogue electronics, electro-acoustic instruments and hybrid self made devices. These sound sources are distributed with a specially designed spatializiation software for multi-channel speaker configurations (up to discrete 8-channels).

In the live-audio_performances and sound-exhibitions,they create a form of music that uses curious timbres, expressive noises and kinetic structures to explore suspended time, genre fiction, the communication of ensemble energies, and the tension between the familiar and the strange, the beat and his negation.
The multichannel setup is a way to communicate with the architectual space where a live_set takes place. It´s a way to activate the space and to play with its physical borders.
Their work includes also compositions for film, theatre and several experimental/interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with other artist like Bilwa Costa, Emily Sweeney, Gerald Moser, Raul Maia, Steffen Höld, Florian Türke, Rosa Isaldur.

Kollektiv/Rauschen are: Sebastian Bauer / Samuel Schaab / Christian Konrad Schröder / Markus Taxacher."