Untitled #188

  • Title: Untitled #188
  • Artist: Francisco Lopez
  • Label: Con-V
  • Format: CD
  • Price: €14,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€12,52non-EU

“Back in Vital Weekly 537 I reviewed 'Montreal Sound Matter', a compilation CD, which was made up using sounds from that lovely Canadian city (I hope I now apply for a free plane ticket after all this promotion), put together by Francisco Lopez as part of a workshop organized under his guidance. Lopez lived in that city at that time, and had been there on numerous occasions. On 'Untitled #188' he goes back to all the sound material from that city he recorded over the years, as well as the sounds recorded for 'Montreal Sound Matter' and built a new seventy-one minute piece out of that. Perhaps as a goodbye to the city, since rumor has he is going to live in Amsterdam (which in my book is a big leap backwards, but alas). It's a very Lopezian work, divided in various sections of sounds from the environment, yet it's hard to recognize these sounds. I won't even try to make an assumption here. It moves from block to block, divided by silence, or near silence. It makes you aware of your environment, even in the silent street I live in. Highly 'processed' sounds, although perhaps (perhaps!) it's just a matter of making all the right equalization or even adding loops to the proceedings. Quite a dark piece that requires full attention. You should adjust the volume in the opening sequence. Put that up there, quite loud, and you'll be find for the rest of the CD. It moves away from the old Lopez and his side steps with heavy metal samples, but it's so much better: a thoughtful collage of sounds, never near silence when the music actually plays and can easily meet his best releases, 'La Selva', 'Buildings [New York]' or his recent 'Pantagonia Wind'. Great first real CD for Con-V - way to go, boys.” (Vital Weekly)