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Exhibition: Inox Kapell Mutations Zeichnungen & Release Presentations

Inox Kapell, Le Petit Mignon, Mozzarella, bohemian drips.


Staalplaat Instore 01/18

Inox Kapell „Mutations Zeichnungen“

Release Presentations by
Le Petit Mignon | Mozzarella | bohemian drips

Due to delays on production, we were unfortunately not able to do a proper product presentation of these upcoming three releases at „Voorspel op Staalplaat“ in February.

We will now get together to toast to these releases! All three products will be for sale at a special release price - Cocktails & Catering by the mighty Insultor!

Δ Exhibition - Vernissage Δ

INOX KAPELL - Mutations Zeichnungen - Channeling Drawings

Since over 30 years the artist Inox Kapell is doing fluxus drawings, as ready mades on „Bratwurstdeckeln“, picturing themes of the modern world, extraterrestrial lifeforms and fantastic mutants. The artist is living in a vision full of UFOs, insektoids and strange objects, from which he tries to think and describe the world we live in.

Inox Kapell is part of the Improvisation Ensemble "Die Milchstraße Flockt" - which recorded a site specific album at "Schloss Freudenberg" in 2017, to be released as binaural LP via bohemian drips. - more information below.


Le Petit Mignon: Split 7“
Klaus Legal & Spettro Family | „Pozor Bed“ & "Psychotic TV"

Release of the long-awaited new release by Staalplaat Berlin In-House Label „Le Petit Mignon“, featuring 2 Tracks from french artist Klaus Legal & 3 Tracks from the Italian composer Steve Spettro aka Spettro Family.

Limited to 320 copies, hand numbered, folded cover.

Artwork by Gosia Bartosik


Mozzarella - Parallel Memory Pillow

Limited Edition of 30 copies, Including a 29.7x29.7cm 2-colour riso print on 150g paper.

Mozzarella is the ambient side project of DJ Die Soon, who is usually known for his heavy bass infused, abstract-breakbeat and progressive dance floor sound, as witnessed by many of you at some grimey basement party or through his Boiler Room appearance in 2017.

„Parallel Memory Pillow“ is taking a dreamy side-drift into more slow-motion groves, full of „thick as marsh-mellow fluff“ scapes and is strongly affiliating with the sonic aesthetics of hypnagogic vaporwave, constantly on the verge to some kind of lo-fi instrumental hip hop.

The release is accompanied by a limited edition riso-print of the artwork, on 150g paper.


„bohemian drips. presents | Die Milchstraße Flockt“

Limited edition of 500 copies, hand numbered, incl. Booklet.

While the production of “bohemian drips’“ latest release – “Iván Paz’ Visions of Space“ [BD007] – was dedi- cated to the exploration of virtual space in a physical context, the label’s next “binaural“ in-house production reaches out to new recording ethics. “Die Milchstrasse Flockt“ [BD008] marks a turning point in the label’s history, as a group of Berlin based artists got together only for this record: The quintet consisted of Ruth-Maria Adam, Alexander P. Jovanovic, Inox Kapell, Josefine Lukschy and Alexander Meurer. They have no collective history or collaborative back- ground – the group was only set to drive out to “Schloss Freudenberg“, a looming Chateau built in 1905, with a truckload of instruments. Their aim was to embrace the possibilities of the space, its historic collection of rare and strange instruments and its acoustics. Formed organically through the time spent in the castle, the album turned out to be an obscure yet beautiful assemblage of strange noises and sounds, staged and amplified through the space itself and the perspective of a “KU-100“ dummy-head microphone. All music was created with a wide range of acoustic instruments and unique sound devices, captured in binaural “Kunstkopf Stereofonie“. Thus, listening to this record with headphones will relocate you directly to the actual recording scenario.


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