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Speicher | concerts for two old water reservoirs

Richard Scott & Axel Dörner, DuChamp, Big Beats Big Times, Kulku, Arnold Dreyblatt, T O E


Bohemian Drips presents: Speicher

On July 15th and 16th of 2017 bohemian drips will host six concerts in the two adjoining water reservoirs of Prenzlauer Berg, both of which feature singular architectural and acoustic characteristics.

Artists from different backgrounds were invited to develop performances in interaction with the spaces. The musical range spans free improvisation on electronics and objects, avant-jazz, minimal composition, drone and bruitism. There are three concerts per day, alternating between the two reservoirs.

‡ performances by

July 15th: Richard Scott & Axel Dörner | DuChamp | Big Beats Big Times
July 16th: Kulku | Arnold Dreyblatt | I T O E

Doors: 5.00 pm
Start: 6.30 pm sharp!
End: 10.00 pm

‡ attention

No late-comers or re-admittance. It’s pretty chilly in the reservoirs (even during the summer). Please make sure to bring warm clothes (e.g. sweater).

‡ performance information

Big Beats Big Times / (bohemian drips. / Who Are We Who We Are)
Perfoming as a duo with Sebastian Maschat, the „Big Beats Big Times“ moniker of Berke Can Özcan is set to explore the small reservoir with improvisational percussions and other instrumental curiosities.

DuChamp (Boring Machines / FULL BODY Massage Records)
Performing a site-specific drone in interaction with the resonance of the small reservoir, using a selection of instruments and analog effects.

Richard Scott & Axel Dörner (Cuspeditions / ausland)
Performing a soundwork based on the ring-structure of the larger reservoir, using a hexaphonic speaker system, modular synthesizer and a modified trumpet triggering electronics.

Arnold Dreyblatt (Drag City Records)
Performing solo works for prepared double-bass and electronics in the small reservoir.

Kulku (bohemian drips.)
Performing a rework of their composition for organ pipes, voice and percussion („Nach der Flut“) of their binaural LP recorded in the large water reservoir and released on the "bohemian drips" label in 2016.

I T O E (Leipzig)
Performing a piece written for the small reservoir, featuring synthesizers, celesta and vibraphon.

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‡ presale hardtickets

Both days: 20 € (Saturday & Sunday)
One day: 12 € (Saturday or Sunday)

available on our website: (+ 1 € shipping)

‡ ticket outlets:

• Staalplaat Recordshop & Mailorder / Kienitzerstr. 108 (Mo-Fr 12-8 pm)
• Zabriskie - Buchladen für Kultur & Natur / Manteuffelstr. 73, 10999 Berlin (Di-Sa 12-7 pm)
• Heiners Bar / Weserstr. 58, 12045 Berlin (Mi-Sun 8 pm-openend)
• Cashmere Radio / Lichtenberg / via Cashmere Community

> no plastic money affair! cash only please!

‡ tickets at the door: 14 €
> limited capacity

‡ address

Wasserspeicher at Prenzlauer Berg
Access via Belforter Straße, 10405 Berlin

‡ background

Founded in 2011, "bohemian drips" is a Berlin based collective and vinyl label. After several productions and releases (i.a. in said reservoirs) that focus on capturing and staging music performances in settings with distinctive acoustics, „Speicher“ marks the first „bohemian drips“ event framed by the space itself as a compositional dimension: The „small“ reservoir features a reverb time up to 6 seconds, while the larger tank challenges the musicians and the audience with up to 18 seconds of reverb and unique echo-effects.

‡ supported by Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin (Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur)