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Issue 33

  • Titre: Issue 33
  • Artiste: Neural
  • Label: Neural
  • Format: Magazine
  • Prix: €7,00UE (incl. 7% TVA)€6,54non UE

Centerfold: 'Common Flowers' by Shiho Fukuhara and Georg Tremmel.

new media art
.Amy Franceschini / Futurefarmers interview.
.Beatriz da Costa interview.
.HeHe interview.
.Transmediale report.
.Green Platform report.
.news: X-Train, Dead Pixel in Google Earth, TimeStopper, Suffering Machine, Thumbarumba.
. ..books/dvds/floppys: White Heat Cold Logic, New Media in the White Cube and Beyond, Optical Vacuum, nkdlunch.mp4, tapetrff.mp4, Synthetic Times: Media Art China.

.Jacob Kirkegaard interview.
.The Owl Project interview.
.news: MusMusopen, Decryptopattern, Sound Chaser, Strobovj, Felix's Machines.
..books/dvds: The Movement of People Working, Nocturne, Trax Rednight/Notterossa, Explicit Content Only, Harmonic Ratio.
.cd reviews: AtomTM, Shinkei / Luigi Turra, Pioneers-The Beginning Of Danish Electronic Music, Domenico Sciajno, Yaco, Monoton, DNE, Phroq, Rhythm, Muslimgauze, Ibitsu, Michael Peters, Israel M, Mikhail, Source Records 1-6 Music Of The Avant Garde 1968-1971, Thanos Chrysakis, The Smiling Buddhas, Frank Rothkamm, Nicolas Bernier, Pato.

.Guerrilla Gardening interview.
.Esther Polak interview.
.Eco-Pornography and the Alt-Economy.
.news: Wikileaks, Internet-avgift, Feral Trade, Bicycle Built for Two Thousand, Oil Prospecting.
..books: FLOSS+Art, Wizzywig, volume 1: phreak, volume 2:hacker, Cyberchiefs, Animal Spirits, Experimental Geography.