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Statement 1961

  • Titre: Statement 1961
  • Artiste: Various Artists
  • Label: Ironflame
  • Format: BookCD
  • Prix: €68,20UE (incl. 7% TVA)€63,74non UE

"Artists: Apotose, Asmorod, Autopsia, Bad Sector, Bearer of the Inmost Sun, Belborn, Blackhouse, Der Blutharsch, P.A. Brwose, Cocaspar.Osp, Con-Dom, Dominion feat. John Murphy, Ex.Order, Folkstorm Vs. MZ.412, Gerechtigkeits Liga, The Grey wolves & Unites States of Hell, Hekate, Illusion of Safety, Lady Morphia, Negapadres.3.3., Of The Wand and the Moon, Predominance, Reutoff, Sardh, Schloss Tegal, S.E.T.I., Sigillum S, Slogun, Stadion der Weltjugend, Throrofon, Ultra, Von Thronstahl Compilation
Book CD+2LP+7”

LP-A1 Con-Dom - Behind The Wall
LP-A2 Slogun - This Is Mine / Do Nothing
LP-A3 Blackhouse - Why I Love The Theatre So
LP-B1 C.O. Caspar - Splitter Im Kopf
LP-B2 Ex.Order - Death Pulse
LP-B3 Folkstorm - Indoktrination (Mz.412 Remix)
LP-B4 nEGAPADRÉS.3.3. - Transe Ov Extropy
LP-C1 Sardh - Martyr
LP-C2 Gerechtigkeits Liga - Monofonie
LP-C3 Last Dominion Lost - Hell To Pay (Warts And All)
LP-C4 The Grey Wolves & United States of Hell - 666 / The Writings On The Wall
LP-D1 Stadion Der Weltjugend - Für Immer. Gropiusstadt.
LP-D2 Der Blutharsch - Untitled
LP-D3 Von Thronstahl - Reisswolf
LP-D4 Bearer Of The Inmost Sun - Letzter Wille
7-A1 :Of The Wand & The Moon: - 18.03.02
7-A2 Hekate (2) - Heimfahrt
7-B1 Lady Morphia - A Faustian Winter
7-B2 Belborn - Information Ist Macht (Futter Fürs Volk)
CD-1 Bad Sector - Receptor (Mix 02) 6:35
CD-2 Apoptose - 137 Cs 8:01
CD-3 S.E.T.I. - Found Failure - 6:21
CD-4 Predominance - Quantum Statics 4:26
CD-5 Asmorod - Metal Sea 6:27
CD-6 Schloss Tegal - Traces Of Material 6:04
CD-7 P.A. Browse* - Formative 01: Jurgen Bartsch 3:43
CD-8 Autopsia - Nachtlandschaft 3:46
CD-9 Reutoff - One Hour 7:39
CD-10 Sigillum S - Double Border / Reignited Bioreaktor 6:25
CD-11 Thorofon - Not Unlike Morbid Blood 3:54
CD-12 Illusion Of Safety - Ground Once 8:13
CD-13 Ultra (3) - La Reunion 5:10"