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Say Yah Yah Yes

  • Titre: Say Yah Yah Yes
  • Artiste: Dj Die Soon
  • Label: Small But Hard
  • Format: Zine+Download
  • Genres: Illustration, Collage, Comics, Underground Art, Experimental Electronic, Hip Hop, Industrial, Electro Hop, Breakbeats, Misc Berlin, Misc Japan
  • Prix: €10,00UE (incl. 7% TVA)€9,35non UE

"Welcome to 'Say Yah Yah Yes', part zine, part beats, this is a glimpse inside the tripped out brain of SBH's DJ Die Soon. The album's 11 tracks lead the listener in a hypnotic trajectory of whirring melodies, unnerving crossrhythms and weirdcore interludes. It's like a trip through a haunted house on acid. Reality melts and fades, colours pop, and you know it's gonna end but you just don't want it to.

Released with a 24­page zine of original artwork, 'Say Yah Yah Yes' provides the soundtrack to a tale of weirdness and woe.

141x196mm, 24 Pages (Black and White 20 pages, Color 4 pages), 160g (Cover 250g), Edition of 50. Cover design is a collaboration with Simon Fowler. Digital download code for the album is attached."