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Alien Paradigm

  • Titre: Alien Paradigm
  • Artiste: Pupil Wah
  • Label: Ikuisuus
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Dark Ambient, Modern Psych, Breakbeats, Industrial
  • Prix: €6,50UE (incl. 19% TVA)€5,46non UE

"Edition of 25 copies.

Originally released on CDR by Magma Tones in 2017.
Cassette version has one bonus track (also included with the download version).

Psychedelic sounds & parellel universes and dimensions. Mixed in a futuristic washing machine (from Egypt), later sundried, and then cooked in a spring water with olive oil, Buddha's tears, goethite pieces & rainbow colours.

Recorded in Turku, Finland. Music & sleeve art by Jani Hirvonen."


A1. Apparitional Experience 3:25
A2. AWE-tistic 3:37
A3. Frequency Modulation 4:00
A4. Axis Shift 3:29
A5. 4th Dimensional Object 3:45
A6. GOD - HERE 4:03
B1. Spirituous Earth 3:33
B2. Multiple Universes 4:01
B3. Cosmic Microwave 3:31
B4. Cognitive Development 3:56
B5. Extraterrestrial Education 3:48
B6. Additional Mindscan 4:29