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And I Am Here (2nd Edition)

  • Titre: And I Am Here (2nd Edition)
  • Artiste: Midori Hirano
  • Label: Staaltape
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Acoustic, Field Recordings, Ambient, Misc Berlin, Misc Japan
  • Prix: €8,50UE (incl. 19% TVA)€7,14non UE

2nd edition!

"The tape by Midori Hirano is the second in a series in which I asked an artist to produce a number of compositions for a total of thirty minutes. My two main demands were to spread the process over a couple of months, so that the passing of time would enter the final result, and to come up with ‘songs’ in a length between forty seconds and four minutes, approximately.

For this tape Midori made twenty-five pieces. You will hear recordings made in various places she visited in Europe and Japan. You will also hear an old piano, a piano she found, or encountered. It was very much out of tune.

In comes my reason why I asked her. I have encountered her a couple of times during my stay in Berlin. I have seen her play. Most of all I have admired the pictures she posted. They struck me for their beauty, but they also struck me for a beauty I couldn’t quite fit in. We have learned that it is about perception, and aesthetics, and something that already the old Greeks thought well worth discussing, and in fact turned into a kind of philosophy. But this was different. To grasp my sensation into words goes beyond the scope of the introduction to a tape. However to hear the melodies come out of the detuned piano gave way to the same sensation. Maybe detuned piano’s are haunted, and when they produce sound, it is not music, but memories, stories, a hidden pleasure or a signal from a different continent.


It took a disproportionate time (for me) to prepare the release. Due to my current stay in the south of Italy the material I needed was not as easy to get as in Berlin. The design I had in mind changed every two, three weeks; I had to adapt to the material I had as well. And it had to be good. If I succeeded is up to you to judge. I am satisfied with the packaging.

Midori Hirano – And I Am Here is a thirty minute tape, chrome quality. The first edition is limited to eighteen copies: twelve for Midori, four for staalplaat shop and two for reviews. A new edition will become available in April, in case there is a demand for it."