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I Bleed For Me And Mine

  • Titre: I Bleed For Me And Mine
  • Artiste: A-rp
  • Label: Ensamble Records
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Techno, Misc Central & South America
  • Prix: €8,50UE (incl. 19% TVA)€7,14non UE

"A–rp’s sonic universe is fueled by two main ingredients: his experimental approach to the hardware that constantly pass through his lab and the particular sensibility of the guy behind A–rp, a producer already known for his disturbing, anomalous take on electronic music –perfect for dance floors that don’t fear risk and noise–, and always capable of turning his intense reflections on humanity, on himself, on social injustice or rituals into always intense, challenging and immersive audible landscapes.

We must be grateful to his skills with the machines –acquired after months and months of obsessive manipulation– and his unsettled and probing personality: thanks to them, that music inciting us to dance anxiously, uncomfortably, is a great reflection of the actual world, where terms as dystopian and apocalyptic has left to be hyperbolic ways to refer our decayed reality.

In I Bleed For Me And Mine, released in Ensamble Records, A–rp seems to show us that with the help of rituals –referring at the same time to celebration, to a distance to be crossed and even to a meticulous portrait from the everyday life–, the rhythmic frenzy or the distressing contemplation we could survive among ruins.

His somber and still vital and refreshing approach arrives with remixes by Cubenx, DJ Stingray 313, Michna, Siete Catorce, Lavender and AASSP, who retake the A–rp creations from their own and unique styles.

With organic and futuristic elements, Cubens turns “I Bleed For Me And Mine” into an almost hypnotic, cinematic and danceable track, but also suitable for absorption.

“Bosque De Niebla” is re-shaped by Stingray 313, legendary Detroit producer that have pushed the boundaries for electronic music for almost 30 years, in a remix where the restlessness comes less from the speed and the raw textures and more from the tension, the repetition and the appearance of elements that collapse in our ears.

The skills of Michna to mutate are invoked in his remix for “Yar”: from a distressing and rough track is transformed into a crawling and tense hip-hop track, that sooner or later is going to be used by some visionary MC as the rhythmic base of one of his/her songs.

Siete Catorce, another producer with great skills to mutate from one track to the next and to innovate from one beat to the next, turns “Vida Come Vida” into an impetuous and energetic rhythmic journey that will force us in a violently and joyfully way to imagine new dance moves.

In his approach to “I Bleed For Me And Mine”, Lavender takes advantage of the opportunity to bring the track to his usual and carefully produced sonic design and tohis minimal, dark and ambient universe, in which his synthesizers have the habit of express themselves in unsuspected ways.

Finally, AASSP shares with A–rp an absolute unbelief in the future and he has also decided to use sounds as a way of exorcizing –or sculpting– neurosis. He clears “Ostok” of the rhythmic intensity to transform it into a shaded and tense moment of uneasy introspection.

"I bleed for me and mine" it's an 'Ensamble Records' release, label that enhances the labour of research and diffusion of new musical proposals, same label interested in contributing to the development of mexican electronic music. "


1. Lingua
2. Yar (Incesantes Cosas)
3. Ostok (Trunca Sombra)
4. Em Neu
5. Vida Come Vida (Life Feeds On Life)
6. I Bleed For Me And Mine
7. Perso (Lost)
8. Bosque de Niebla
9. Ostok (AASSP Remix)
10. I Bleed For Me And Mine (Cubenx Remix)
11. Bosque de Niebla (DJ Stingray 313)
12. Yar (Michna Remix)
13. Vida Come Vida (Siete Catorce Remix)
14. I Bleed For Me And Mine (Lavender Remix)