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  • Title: Pirouetten
  • Artist: RM74 / RLW
  • Label: Crouton Music
  • Format: BookCD
  • Price: €16,50EU (incl. 7% VAT)€15,42non-EU

“PIROUETTEN was started in September 2003, when Reto Mäder a.k.a. RM74 wanted to visit Ralf Wehowsky a.k.a. RLW in his solid green middle-class garden. On his way to RLW's single-family-house, RM74 became a victim of the german control paranoia, as embodied by a sturdy female Karlsruhe tram-warden. Influenced by the folkloristic stubbornness of present-day control authorities, a sustained penance resulted in mutual musical pieces.”