Crush The Stage In Porto, Portugal

  • Title: Crush The Stage In Porto, Portugal
  • Artist: Extreme Smoke 57
  • Label: Debila Records
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Grindcore, Noise, Metal
  • Price: €9,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€7,56non-EU

"Recorded live @ Metal Point / Porto, Portugal on 6.5.2019 during the ''Crush the Stage tour'' in Spain / Portugal / France and Italy 2019.
Thanx to Nejc from Debila records for releasing this document and everyone who supported the band during this tour."

Bass – Dejan
Drums – Gaber
Guitar – Miha
Vocals [Vocal] – Boco

A1. Tovarna Človeškega Mesa
A2. Metek V Grlo
A3. Salvation
A4. Deceived By Life
A5. Naftalin
A6. Obey
A7. Slast
A8. Vse Bo Dobro
A9. Ebola Rising
A10. Kri In Meso
A11. Kali Yuga
A12. Kapsula
B1. Suffer In Silence
B2. Besede
B3. Kislina
B4. Today Is The End
B5. Umrlo Je
B6. Intropsija Človeškega Uma / Sanje Pogube
B7. Oddaljenost
B8. In Chains
B9. Life Of Dreams
B10. Don’t Smoke 57
B11. (Hate) Skate Party
B12. Tvoj Bog
B13. Open Your Eyes
B14. Sekunda / Agarchy