• Title: Fire
  • Artist: Exterminator
  • Label: Narcolepsia
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Industrial, Noise, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €9,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€7,56non-EU

"Originally appearing back in the year 1987 Fire is a great example of 1980’s noise craft- been rewarding in both its primitive wonkiness and its fairly varied/ shifting sound pallet.

Here on Portugal based Narcolepsia is a reissue of the release- with the same material on both sides C60, presented as a yellow shelled cassette with black printing on, and this comes presented yellow and black inked sleeve- with it coming in an edition of 90 copies.

Exterminator was all the work of German noise maker Markus Schwill (Ohmnoise & Une Le Wuerg Production). And in total, the project put out seven releases, which were put out in and around the year 1987. And from the evidence of this release, he was certainly ahead of his time in wonky and wavering textured bound noise making.

The tracklisting tells us there is only a single track, but this is split up into several smaller parts/tracks. We kick off with a blend of woozy texturing which brings together choppy, chugging, juddering and later forking tones. As we move into the next part- we find more spurting and liquid-like electro texturing, this fairly soon shifts into tape stretch like drag/ rushing mid-ranged chop, and throbbing purr. Moving onto the next part- we find mid-range fan pelt slips and grates layered out in a persistent industrial loop form- these later add in slight electro bays/ screams to their persistent buzz ‘n’ grinds. On the next part, we move on to a blend of murky/ hazed blend throbbing ‘n’ static bound noise drone, and forking junk like swirls ‘n’ ebbs. Onto the next part- and we find a line of chop static, which fairly soon gets added to/ overtaken by a sludge skating and dragging tonality- this is one of the shorter parts of the releases. Next, we have a blend of pelting rolling and machine-like drone, this is bayed by lazy static rips and slices. With latter muffled/ difficult to hear vocal wonderings appearing, these sound like they are maybe radio-based. We then move into a brief blend of on/off static feasting rip, searing swoop and choppiness, and purring grind ‘n’ searing swoop- which is joined by muffled and gruffly sinister vocals tones.

Without a doubt, if you're into more wonky and textured 80’s noise matter Fire is something you’ll be wanting to investigate- and it’s great to see Narcolepsia reissue this release."

A1. Untitled
B1. Untitled