Heal The Split

  • Title: Heal The Split
  • Artist: Wackelkontakt
  • Label: Màgia Roja
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Power Electronics, Hip Hop, Industrial, IDM, Experimental, Noise
  • Price: €17,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€14,29non-EU

"Heal the Split is the band's debut full-length. HtS doesn't attempt to capture the live experience – it is an independent, studio entity. The title track, a naked, instrumental noise assault, sits between Papamummy, the hip hop opener, and Zkhut Kium, offering what could be tagged doom R&B. The title undermines the overwhelming sense that what was breached and broken can never be put back together; that megalomania and inferiority complexes are two sides of the same coin; that blinding empowerment is immediately exchanged with absolute nihilism. Wackelkontakt demand your attention, however only after you survived all trials of insistent, deliberate rituals of shooting themselves in the foot and blurring all possible traces of narrative. The result renders Wackelkontakt's angst locally Jerusalemite and universally millennial.

For fans of: Godflesh/JK Flesh, Sneaks, Dälek, The Body, Princess Nokia, Throbbing Gristle, Gnaw Their Tongues, Ahuva Ozeri, Sarit Hadad, Pharmakon, Puce Mary, Pan Daijing (but only if you actually enjoy all of the above)."

A1. Pappamummy. 3:52
A2. Heal The Split Lip Overnight. 1:38
A3. Zkhut Kium. 4:16
A4. Pad Thai . 5:52
B1. De Point . 5:57
B2. Maa Wallim . 5:47
B3. Efo At. 5:21