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Mgh Plays Ulver

  • Title: Mgh Plays Ulver
  • Artist: Martiensgohome
  • Label: Kalinka Vichy
  • Format: 10"
  • Price: €8,95EU (incl. 19% VAT)€7,52non-EU

“Following last year's splendid bamboo usb stick, entitled"abscons depuis 1996" which contained roughly ten hours of music, chosen among their comprehensive archives, Martiensgohome is back in an altogether more concise format. Their new production is a two tracks, 10inch vinyl record. Where previously there was slow building processes, measured mood construction, there is now the urgency of the single format. The two tracks are inspired by the music of the band Ulver, a consciously remote choice of inspiration for Martiensgohome. They have nonetheless taken good care of avoiding the"experimental musicians suddenly gets into black metal" trappings, and remain quite true to themselves, taking their subject matter upside down to deliver two tracks of haunting darkness while retaining their own particular spirit. Absolutely alien to any intention of pastiche, and far away from any mimicking posture, these tracks encapsulate their personal take on blackness and illumination.”