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Mother Blast

  • Title: Mother Blast
  • Artist: Brume
  • Label: Grautag Records
  • Format: 2×LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Electro-Acoustic, DIY, Musique Concrète, Photography, Misc France
  • Price: €24,50EU (incl. 19% VAT)€20,59non-EU

2xLP, gatefold, limited edition of 500 copies.

"The new release of Grautag records collection is composed and produced by one of the French industrial music pioneers, Christian Renou, playing under the name of Brume. Since a long time, Brume has been one of the principal references of Grautag label and has influenced a lot our vision of what could be the perfect definition of « dystopian sound landscape ». We all have still in mind the CD « Permafrost » edited in the 80's, diving us in a strange mind space, where a deep underground threat rings, some kind of psychic temperature below the zero level, in a kind of coma sodium night. We can say today this CD was 20 years in advance of its time. Mother Blast could be considerate as the second step of « Permafrost » -with some updating, but not only- but above all, the eternal state of ultimate cold war music and its endless no man's lands, where rhythms are growing in sound layers like bunkers of the Russian nuclear test site « Semipalatinsk » or those haunting the island of JG Ballard « terminal beach ». Then, Welcome, welcome to this terminal beach with Mother Blast, a record absolutely connected to the new cold war time and the resurrection of nuclear war threat." Nicolas Moulin.

A1. "Little Boy" Pilot (2014)
A2. Mother Blast (2014)
B3. Enola II (2014)
B4. Ersatz Stellungen (1997 revised 2014)
B5. Sluggy Tango (2013)
B6. Rawa Ruska (1985 revised 2014)
C7. Keep On Trucking (2014)
C8. Permafrost #3 (1988 revised 2014)
C9. Another Killing Age (2014)
C10. Victorian Washing Machine (2014)
D11. Wish You Were Not Here (1999 revised 2014)
D12. Panzerfaust (1988 revised 2014)