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On Fire

  • Title: On Fire
  • Artist: Vindva Mei
  • Label: Fire Inc
  • Format: CD
  • Price: €4,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€4,12non-EU

Debut release from this icelandic duo working out from Reykjavik and Copenhagen. With artwork from icelandic artist Asmundur Asmundsson, aka 1/2 of Akureyri U.S.A. , the debut album features a selection of new material in mixture with older tracks over the past few years. Moving more into the digital clitch area and techno beats from their as once described 'biochemical lo-fi kill out', we have the cream of it all here -
frequencies from outer space their personal friend journalist Aggi
Egga puts it:
"Greetings, Vindva Mei Fans! For most sports fans, the Olympic games are the most important event of the year every four years, like a leap year of the soul. The Winter Olympics in Lillehammer '94 was especially big for me, since Lillehammer is my hometown, my own personal mother town, and this Olympiad was not just any game, it was the game of games, mankind's ultimate game, where losers were winners and the winners were the greatest.
Nagano '98 didn't even come close, no matter what your Japanese friends might tell you. In fact, nothing came close to it. Nothing! You can call me an old timer, I don't care, but Lillehammer is still a great town. Maybe a little melancholic, yes, but it still has its dignity. But alas, a great past is never enough - just look at Greece, birth-place of the Olypmpics. We sure don't want Lillehammer to end up like that. No sir. And for a while it seemed like exactly that was what was going to happen: the only thing the good citizens of Lillehammer could talk about was the speed skating champion or the cross-country skiing champion from '94 (both Norwegians). Then one cold winter two great sportsmen and magicians showed up in our town and single-handedly changed the whole landscape of the Norwegian mountains, culturally speaking. They came from a foreign land to record their debut album. This magic winter day was the day I found my new Olympics, my Big O. Those foreign boys rekindled my Olympic fire, the fire of life (and death), with larger than life (and death) tunes from the unknown. This could be a new beginning for everyone who has a problem with his or her past life and/or past-lives... Or perhaps this is just the beginning of new Olympic games of sound. Who knows?"

-Lillehammer, november 3rd 1999, Aggie Eggs.