Pass the Bless

  • Title: Pass the Bless
  • Artists: Darla Smoking, Levni, Stormtrap Asifeh, Ethnique Punch/Supreme Figur, Naji
  • Label: Darla Smoking
  • Format: CD
  • Genres: Experimental, Hip Hop, World, Dub, Beats
  • Price: €15,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€12,61non-EU

"Pass The Bless is a collaboration album between Slovenian electronic duo Darla Smoking and Austrian label Well Gedacht which is presenting musicians, beatmakers, producers and rappers from middle east and europe. Album includes duo Darla Smoking, Turkish beatmaker, guitarist and producer Levni, Palestinian rapper and producer Stormtrap Asifeh, Turkish rapper and producer Ethnique Punch and Iranian rapper and beatmaker Naji."
Darla Smoking: Brgs – drums, synths; Nac – electronics
Levni – Synths, electronics
Stormtrap Asifeh – vocals, synths, electronics
Ethnique Punch/Supreme Figur – vocals, synths, electronics
Naji – vocals

Drums, instrumentals and Trance Jam freestyle recorded by Brgs and Levni in Layer house Kranj as part of Dvocikel residency program.
Naji vocals recorded in Radio Študent 89,3Mhz Ljubljana studio by Jure Gruden.

Mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan
Artwork by Atlas Skull
Released on 25th march 2019
Produced by Darla Smoking and Well Gedacht

1. Damar 02:43
2. Propaganda 03:15
3. Circle Of Sleep 04:04
4. Smooth Sail 03:07
5. Jar Bottom Globe Wise 02:29
6. Cat Drop 03:34
7. Waiting For Godot 03:25
8. Bitch City 03:58
9. Karafaki Mon Amour 05:02
10. Trance Jam (freestyle) 02:25