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Psyche and Science

  • Title: Psyche and Science
  • Artist: PostOff
  • Label: Lona Records
  • Format: 3"CDR
  • Price: €5,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€4,96non-EU

"Musically, Post Off has a happy harmony with fits of hardcore metal thrown in for good measure."Fire of Aims" is a smooth, rambling ride through the deserts of Nevada in an open-top Cadillac. The trumpet on"Napalm Song" blares out ska-punk, and the introductory notes of"Blowjob is Better Than Blow-up" are an excellent 30 seconds of blissful dreaming which explode into a bout of raging, testosterone-fuelled guitar-playing and some truly thunderous drumming. Post Off thrashes chaotically one minute, before moving into gleeful bopping the next." --Natalie Leung, HK Magazine, August 11, 2006