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Songs From The Sea Of Love

  • Title: Songs From The Sea Of Love
  • Artist: Vacuum Boys
  • Label: Fire Inc.
  • Format: CD
  • Price: €5,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€4,20non-EU

AMSTERDAM - June 5th, 2002. Adventure #4 from The Vacuum Boys was released in Amsterdam today, celebrating those crazy Vacuum Boys and their entry into the Rock n' Roll scene. Just when die-hard Vacuum Boys fans thought the zany shenanigans were finished with"The Vacuum Boys and the Mystery of the Old Mill" -- what do you know! A new adventure! This time, The Vacuum Boys take on the powers of the unknown and strange to unravel new tales of suspense and intrigue.

The New Vacuum Boys CD is a full-length CD featuring the absolute highest-quality groovy tunes, and introducing - genuine rock'n'roll! In addition to including the latest mystery"The Vacuum Boys and the Secret of the Haunted Spanish Galleon - Chapter One: The Trap is Set" the CD includes exclusive Vacuum Boys Fan Club Offers, high quality music suitable for all age-groups, original artwork and design by Meeuw and much, much more!!

The Vacuum Boys Play Songs from the Sea of Love is completely recorded in two sessions in early February 2002 in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


For those new to The Vacuum Boys -- Let's Introduce 'em! Vacuum Boy Dan Armstrong recently gave an official interview that covered all the bases nicely...
"Well, that's a good one. We Vacuum Boys are a funny great group of close pals. Let's see..."
"Vacuum Boy Heimir Björgúlfsson is our action man, he's sort of the wholesome guy of the group, upstanding, fair and a good listener and our point of contact too, so when new adventures come our way, Heimir is our man. He's great with adults and is always optimistic, so he's the one that finally gets us on our bikes to solve new mysteries instead of hanging around the club-house planning things. Don't tell him I said so, but I get a feeling that he's sort of a heartthrob lead-singer in The Vacuum Boys rock band.*
"When I first saw Vacuum Boy Guy Amitai in school, he was always looking at me and seemed to know what I was thinking. When I'd say"hi" - he would just raise his eyebrow and sort of walk away. After I got to know him, I started to really like him although he is still really spooky. Heimir invited him to join The Vacuum Boys and he's a great addition to the club because he's a master of disguises and costumes and can get us disguised for any situation. Last month we had to wear mountain-climbing disguises for an adventure finding lost goats and my personal favourite is the disguise that we needed to infiltrate that Rodeo last summer. He's also good with haunting problems, potions and he reads a lot and practices spells and stuff. He's also plays bass and keyboards when our band plays.**
"Vacuum Boy Gert-Jan Prins is the inventor. He's always tinkering with new machines, inventing new boxes, listening devices and robot mechanical animals to help in our adventures. He prefers to read science books, rather than comics or pirate adventures like me. When we need a new invention, Gert-Jan is our Boy. He also goes to a special science camp every summer, instead of going with us to regular camp. Even though he says that this makes him lonely for a few weeks, I think he really has a lot of fun with other smart people too. He's the drummer and does backing vocals in our band.***
"My name is Vacuum Boy Dan Armstrong and everyone says that I am sort of a smooth-talker. I don't know, I suppose that I am the one that usually gets us into trouble and promises a bit too much. However, I think that if we want to really be a good Rock n' Roll Detective Agency - then we need to act like real Rock n' Roll detectives and I am trying to get everyone to act more detective-like. For fun, I spend a lot of time going to the moving pictures and reading adventures - mostly westerns and space adventures, but also a lot of detective and crime stories, and I play guitar in the band.****