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Time Unbox

  • Title: Time Unbox
  • Artists: Ytamo, Midori Hirano
  • Labels: Kusabuemiwo, LushRushRec
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Electro-Acoustic, Pop, Ambient, Electronica, Classical, Misc Japan, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €8,50EU (incl. 19% VAT)€7,14non-EU

"Limited edition of 60 copies with hand-crafted covers by each artist made of cardboard and origami paper. Each copy has different colors and patterns. Comes with a download code.

Since YTAMO and Midori Hirano have been long-time friends, and have played concerts together a couple of times, they naturally came to the idea of just meeting up at the studio and play improvise together when Midori came back to Japan for some weeks in 2011.
They played a Piano, Synthesizer, Harmonica, Rhythm Box, sampled sounds fragments, and they sung on it sometimes - it became almost four-hours-long recordings with unexpected resonance at the end. Without any discussions or plans about how they play. They didn’t even know how their musical journey would go. So the whole music they made is based on their primal instincts, but also a real crossing point of distinctive sounds what YTAMO and Midori brought out together - sometimes it sounds mellow, lo-fi, glitchy, atmospheric, uneasy, elevated, strange and peaceful.
Now, five years later then - they finally „unboxed“ and shaped the musical time to make it public."

All tracks & artwork by Midori Hirano and YTAMO.
Recorded in Osaka, Japan 2011.
Edited & Compiled in 2016.

"...even when this is in a slightly more experimental realm, with all things being a bit more improvised and free, yet never losing that sense of space. You could wonder why they didn't do a CD version of this, as the material certainly is up for it. Maybe some daring mind should re-issue this, due time, as the long lost item from 2016.
Until then everybody needs to head out and buy it on cassette. It comes in a neat little carton box!" - Vital Weekly