Trio De Janeiro

  • Title: Trio De Janeiro
  • Artist: Lisa Carbon
  • Label: Quatermass
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: IDM, Latin
  • Price: €15,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€13,36non-EU

"Twisted programmings, a unique humour and futuristic improvisations are some of the characteristics of Lisa Carbon's sound, which has been copied by many throughout the years. Partly recorded in San José (Costa Rica), Lisa's hometown, 'Trio de Janeiro' was then mainly completed under the guidance of her long time companion Atom TM in his Frankfurt studio.

When the first Lisa Carbon recording was released back in 1992 (the Lisa carbon trio: opto freestyle swing, 12", pod communication), the german magazine "frontpage" gave it one star (out of 6) and declared it "not music." magazines come and go, but Lisa is still here. the music was controversial, and while for some it was the most unhip thing to listen to, for others it was an enlightenment. much has happened since then and Lisa Carbon ignored styles and trends, and instead created them. in 1995, musical fashion caught up with her. Her music, once declared unmusical, had become the hype to follow when UK's "Rephlex" released her second album "Polyester" after a two year delay. Lisa's sound was still fresh, so fresh in fact that it was even emulated by those who used to be trendy in 1992. but Lisa grew tired of the unprofessionalism in the music business, and so joined producer Atom Heart's label "rather interesting" in 1997, and the album you have in front of you was born.

"Trio De Janeiro," musically in the vein of its predecessor, became one of rather interesting's most successful releases and soon afterwards saw its release on Haruomi Hosono's "Daisy World" label in Japan (1997). Now that we have crossed into the millennium, you can see and hear that "Trio De Janeiro" still sounds amazingly current. this re-release contains the two bonus titles "Tempo Feliz" and "Song For Frank Brown," which up until now had only been available on the 1997 japanese release. also the entire album has been extensively remastered to match today's audio standards and to give you, the listener, the full enjoyment of this timeless masterpiece."

A1. Hey! Music!
A2. Machin
A3. Live In Sao Paulo
A4. I Feel So Ornamental
A5. Hot Lips
B1. Dibadudu
B2. Lindo Signatura
B3. Look Out The Window (Hollywood Piano)
B4. Magic Sofa