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Your hair in my trail

  • Title: Your hair in my trail
  • Artist: Francesco Cavaliere
  • Label: Incudine
  • Format: CDR
  • Price: €10,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€8,40non-EU

“Born in Piombino, Italy in 1980, lives in Follonica, Volterra and Siena until 1999. Studies musicology in the Dipartment of Music, Art and Drama in Bologna. Zerlini Dolores, his grandmother, professional piano teacher and player, unintentionally, involves him into the tape registration as a child. This is one of the starting points for his actual work:"Your Hair in My Trail", realized for  the Incudine Records in 2007. It's the first one in the serie of three discs about the micro and macro spaces. This cd was recorded with Enzo Cimino inside of an empty, huge structure and it joins different sounds created by more or less powerful transfers of the air. This kind of a study is strongly connected to the working methods of the studio. Francescos live concerts are infact another thing; paper boxes, furniture and wooden boxes are an imput for the building of simple, but effective string instruments. One of the latest instruments is a harp with elastic srtings and a resonator made of a big cardboard box. Some times also the sound of these instruments are put inside of a can to activate new tonal gradations created by different micro resonances of the container materials. At the moment lives in Berlin, where doing interviews and researching audio material for a study of experimental musical instrument makers, such as: Victor Gama, Nazim Ozel, Reed Ghazala, Pierre Berthet, Pinuccio Sciola, Wessel Westerveld, Seiji Morimoto e Pierre Bastien.”